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Christina L
AMAZING!!! The ultrasound room was very comfortable for not only me, but my family as well. Heather was great! I will definitely be recommending this place to all of my friends.
Ashley K
Highly recommend! Such a great experience from start to finish! My husband and I were shocked at the room where the appt took place. It was huge and very welcoming! I laid on what felt like a queen size bed and there were 2 large flat screen TV where we watched the entire ultrasound. The tech was so friendly and very knowledgeable. She identifed our BABY BOY within a minute! I would highly recommend this company, especially the Brighton location. The DVD we got is amazing and we will cherish it forever. The early gender package is worth every penny and then some! Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Lindy L
Amazing place! I went to the baby envision in Troy Michigan and this place is phenomenal! Very nice atmosphere, felt like i was at home.
Rachel W
Amazing!!! If and when we have another baby I will be back!!! Wonderful staff, quick in and out. Organized and a wonderful atmosphere!
Jessica H
Great Experience Had to do a retake because our little one wasn’t cooperating the first time and our ultrasound technician Jessica was awesome. She made it such a great experience for us!
Lauren D
Great Experience! We had a great experience with AMAZING photos and videos of our little babe. We were seen within 5 minutes of arrival, and the tech was friendly and professional. Overall such a great experience, and I would highly recommend them!
Monica R
Amazing Did so well with my not only me comfortable but my two girls and husband. I loved this place and I’ll definitely recommend it
Maria A
Great experience I really wanted my children to connect with the new baby coming the whole visit was so peaceful quiet and the kids were so engaged. the CD that was given to me has been played several times by the children over and over they are so excited now about their new sister coming.
Enjoyed our visit We had a great time! Comfortable facility, liked that it was family friendly!
Ashley L
Very pleasant Our baby girl was being very difficult when trying to get some good pictures of her!! The ultrasound tech tried the best she could to get some good pictures for us! In the end we are very pleased with the service provided to us and the pictures we ended up with!
Sarah C
Awesome! My husband and I had an amazing time at our gender reveal ultrasound. The ladies were so kind and welcoming!
Chelsea S
Awesome Extremely nice and very kind. Did a great job and got great pictures! Will definitely recommend!
Carmelle C
Amazing Love this place! The people there are great and never had any problems with any of them.
Heather S
Great Service and Cozy Atmosphere Loved the waiting room filled with kids toys for my two littles with me. The Ultrasound room is so cozy with a bed, fireplace and dim lighting. Loved this experience, and Rachel was a wonderful and patient technician!
Summer W
Loved it Review of Troy Such a great experience and the staff was wonderful. The room was welcoming and very nice. Great experience in finding out our baby’s gender. Thank you!
Leishia Spencer
Revel the sex of the baby You guys are awesome, just love how you have the room setup.. how you squeeze us in while my husband made a mistake .. would recommend anyone back to your place .. love how she explained what everything was on the screen of what my baby looks like ..
Shelby T
WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am sooo happy we found Baby Envision for our early gender reveal. I am 17 weeks and our tech was able to find the baby’s sex immediately. We did not want to know in the ultrasound and she made sure to not slip up and say anything and to also watch where she put the ultrasound when we were looking. From start to finish the experience was so amazing! The room is so calming and everyone was so nice. Worth every penny, we even walked out with the video of the ultrasound to be able to share with our families ❤️ I would highly recommend Baby Envision.
Chelsea L
So AMAZING! We had the BEST and most wonderful time at Baby’s Envision- Brighton. The staff were exceptionally sweet and I was happy to have a big space to invite family members to view our baby girl! the experience was surreal and will recommend to anyone expecting!
Liz D
Excellent Everything about our visit was excellent. There was no wait time, we were taken right at our appointment. The room was amazing. A nice cozy bed to lay on, nice leather couches for family members to comfortably sit through the session and the soothing music. The tech was very knowledgeable and friendly. It really was a great experience and I would highly recommend Baby Envision to any of my friends or family. The price is definitely worth the keepsakes you get to take home.
Amanda C
Love! The weather was horrible the day of our appointment. Crazy snow, traffic was horrible. We made it a few minutes late and realized we left my husband's wallet at home. I thought oh no we drove all the way here for nothing.. but the receptionist was so nice and worked with us saying no big deal, we will figure it out. And we did! I luckily knew his card numbers and she found a way to enter them manually and it went thru! So amazing! There was toys for my 2 little ones to keep busy with and the ultrasound tech was so sweet. Took the time to get great photos and was very informative. I'll be back!
Yvonna A
Best time ever!!!! Love how calm and inviting it was for me and my family pictures of our babygirl couldn't have been any better let alone clear love this place highly recommended to any of mommies to be I myself will be back 😊 for such an awesome experience for me and my family
Elle Z
AMAZING! My husband and I went to the Okemos location at a little over 15 weeks and were able to find out gender! The girls in the office were absolutely awesome and truly made the experience that much better! Can’t wait to go back for a 4D ultrasound! ❤️
Christopher Y
Great pictures, tech was friendly. Good experience over-all.
Janelle H
Very Relaxing Environment Great experience! Very relaxing and comfortable! Results were accurate.
Kalei S
Amazing!!! Loved my ultrasound so much. The Brighton sonographer was AMAZING
Andrea L
Awesome Job! I had a great experience at the Romeo location!!
Vanessa M
Awesome experience! This is our first baby so we had grandmas, grandpa and aunts tag along for our session. Everyone at Baby Envision in Romeo was so incredibly nice and shared our excitement. The room had plenty of space for everyone and was set up beautifully (and very clean!) Our little girl was stubborn and kept her hand in front of her face nearly the whole visit, so we were even offered to come back to try to get better images at no cost. I highly recommend Baby Envision!
Kristina B
Amazing experience! Will be back for all our children! The receptionist and tech that did the ultrasound were both so nice and amazing!! The rooms where you do the ultrasounds are huge and they have actual beds to lay in, which is a really nice touch. The baby didn’t move too much so it was hard for the tech to get good pictures, but we still had so many great pictures and we’ve already watched the video twice! It is such an amazing experience and they do so much to make sure it’s relaxing and enjoyable!
Melanie B
Amazing Baby Envision was an awesome experience. Very comfortable and wonderful. Got wonderful pictures. I'd recommend to anyone. Thanks again
Tara V
Great Experience My appointment started on time. The ultrasound tech made us feel so comfortable along with the rest of the staff. We had a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend this to anyone having a baby!
Andrea L
Awesome experience This is my first pregnancy and I wasn't too sure what to expect getting a 4D ultrasound. I went with the Gold package, at 30 weeks. At first baby was stubborn and had his face hidden and wouldn't move, but luckily the tech performing the scan quickly told me how to get him to reposition himself and it worked! We got a CD with 50 amazing pictures on it,full DVD, and 5 printed copies. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know looking for a 4d ultrasound.
Amanda W
Loved it Great Experience, consumer service was great, we did not get great pictures the first time, the retake was wonderful though I love that they allow you a retake or refund, great environment and great memories
Katrina F
A great experience! Review of Romeo I went yesterday at 15 weeks and 3 days and found out we are expecting a beautiful baby girl! The tech was very thorough in her search for the sex and even though she could tell early on, she kept searching so we could get a nice clear “money shot” photo, haha. We have no doubt that this is a little girl! I will be returning for a 3D/4D ultrasound in a few weeks! The atomosphere was very nice and comforting and the staff was phenomenal :) a great experience!!
Kris V
Better than expected! Outstanding customer service and very comfortable setting. Very impressed by how accommodating and professional staff was. Have been to others and They are by far the best!
Kaleigh W
Amazing I got amazing pictures of my son and the ultrasound tech was so nice and professional!! Will deff be back in the future and will recommend them to my friends and family!
Mary C
Must-have experience for your pregnancy! Thus place was so cool! It was so much fun being able to see our son move around in 3D! I'd definitely recommend doing this for your pregnancy. We got a DVD of the session and a bunch of pictures. Plus we also sprang for the teddy bear with our baby's heartbeat. Our technician, Heather was great and very knowledgeable. Overall a great experience.
Danielle N
Best experience ! Hands down one of the best days of my life. This was a return visit because my baby girl was still breech and we couldn't get any pictures the first visit. The technician was such a pleasure and we even managed to capture my baby girl smiling! Best feeling ever, thank you so much!!!
Danielle N
Amazing service We will be returning next week because our baby was not cooperating and we failed to get any good pictures. Our tech was so helpful and tried everything she could to get baby Lily to show her sweet face. Cannot wait to return next week in hopes of more baby cooperation :-)
Jennifer J
Gender Determination I had a great experience at Baby Envision. I would consider coming back later in my pregnancy for a 3D session. The sonographer was very pleasant and patient.
2nd time 1st appointment baby wasn't cooperating. 2nd appointment all worked out perfectly
Awesome I have gone here with two of my children. They never disappoint. Their room is nice, cozy, and feels like you are right at home. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends!
Ashley H
Amazing experience My husband and I had such a great experience! The staff was so friendly and professional. We will definitely recommend others to come here!
Jamie L
Awesome Romeo was amazing would totally recommend this location..
Audrey W
Amazing! The staff is so amazing! I went to the Romeo, MI location. They are so inviting and make you feel so comfortable. I absolutely loved my experience at Baby Envision. I wish that I could have had this experience with my first child. Thank you!!
Dawn C
4D ultrasound in Romeo We had an amazing experience. The tech was sweet excited and treated my large group perfectly. There were toys for my son to play with in the room and plenty of seating for all the ladies. I would absolutely recommend Baby Envision to everyone. I would also return for another pregnancy in the future. Thank you for making this an exciting and amazing experience for my family and me!
35 week 4D ultrasouns Absolutely amazing experience!! We're so glad we did this and would definitely recommend to friends and family!! If we decide to have more children, we will be back for sure!
Jennifer W
Amazing The whole experience was awesome and every one was very nice!
Heather Musitelli
2D Gender I was BEYOND impressed with the Troy location of Baby Envision! The staff was incredible! Our ultrasound tech was polite, friendly, professional and funny! The room we were in was huge and so relaxing! There was a fireplace, so much room for family and friends (which I will bring my next visit) and calming music! We can't wait to go back for our 3D/4D visit! I'd give Baby Envision a million stars if possible! Thank you!!
Chantel D
Amazing experience I went for my 3d ultrasound at 28 weeks. Wow, what an incredible experience. The staff at the Troy location were very kind and inviting. The entire experience was unforgettable and I would definaely recommend it for any expecting parents! We left with 2 dvd's, one with the video and the other a bunch of photos. And also were able to get a stuffed animal with our babys heart beat recording...a great keepsake for us and our parents as well. Loved it! Chantel
Natalie L
Amazing! We were so pleased with our experience with our ultrasound! The DVD, photos, and bear with the babies heartbeat are such great items To save and cherish forever ! Thank you for a wonderful experience! This is definitely worth every penny spent!
Early Gender Ultrasound The ladies were very kind and helpful. They made it a very comfortable place to be and I enjoyed getting to see our sweet little guy. I would recommend this place to all of my pregnant friends and family. Thank you for making this experience one to remember.
Nia C
Amazing I absolutely enjoyed the experience! The ladies were so nice, the place was beautiful and had such a home like feel to it. I went to find out early gender and we found out the gender and had beautiful pictures. I have already started recommending Baby Envision Troy location already!
Brittney R
Love you guys I have had 3 amazingly pleasant visit to two of the locations! The women are so kind and wonderful. I can't enough nice things about the facilities and the staff.
Catherine T
Thumbs up Really enjoyed the experience. Very friendly staff.
Marwa H
Best thing i ever did It is so far the best thing i've done in my entire life. it is a very exciting experience for every mom to be.
Samantha A
Wonderful experience We are so glad we chose to do a 4D gender reveal at Baby Envision. The staff was wonderful, the environment was fabulous, and the pictures and video we got were priceless. It was, by far, the most incredible experience of my life and I would recommend it to everyone! I even plan on going back later in my pregnancy! Thank you!!
Enjoyable We did the "Silver" package. It was good, we got to double check the gender and had about 20 minutes of ultrasound time. For what we paid I was hoping the quality of the video/photos would be a little better and a little more time seeing the baby would've been nice. It was definitely still enjoyable and we would do it again for baby #3.
Heather Musitelli
We love Baby Envision! Amazing, as always! We went for our 15 week early gender and went back a couple of days ago for our gold package 3D/4D! Seeing our little guy so clear was so amazing! We would go every day if we could! Everyone deserves to see their baby here! Great staff, relaxing and peaceful environment! Just amazing all around!
Kayla T
So cool!!!!! This was one of the coolest experiences ever!
!Troy location! It was the best experience ever. i got to see my baby and find the gender out its aboy!! :). The ultrasound tech and the receptionist was so nice,friendly and helpful. The room was comfortable and relaxing. My first baby and i will definitely be back.If you go here you wont be disappointed
Arica R
So in LOVE!! So very happy, I used the Romeo location and such a cute cozy atmosphere <3 The two ladies I worked with were amazing and I have been raving about it since! Thank you so very much! xoxo
Maggie F
Great Experience Had my appointment yesterday (31 weeks) in Okemos so we could get a quick glimpse of our baby boys face. Right upon entering the office, it was a very welcoming environment and the receptionist was very friendly. We didn't wait at all and we're promptly taken back to the room, which was a very calming and relaxing space. It also had a big tv monitor right in front of the bed so you and your company could easily see everything - loved that. The tech was friendly and took her time, and tried her absolute best to get our stubborn boy to remove his hands from his face. The ultrasound lasted longer than I thought it would, and I was very pleasantly surprised. If we ever have another baby I will absolutely come back here in a heartbeat! Thank you+
AWESOME Experience We did an early gender ultrasound today at 15 weeks 5 days and it was awesome! We haven't had an ultrasound since 9 weeks so it was amazing to see the little face, hands and feet! We even saw a yawn...the cutest thing ever! Confirmed we are having a GIRL!!! 💕🎀💗 Thank you Baby Envision!
Sherl O
Friendly staffs and great service! The staff were really nice and great service too! The bed was spacious and comfy! Really recommend this place!
Amazing experience Baby Jameson was not cooperating at first, but the tech went above and beyond to get him to turn so we could see his face. I was so happy with how our appointment went. We will definitely use Baby Envision again with future pregnancies.
Amy Rostkowycz
Review of Baby Envision Brighton My experience with Baby Envision was great! The office was very nice and all of the staff was very helpful and friendly. The price for our package was very reasonable and my husband and I were very happy with the pictures and video we received. We will definitely be back with our next baby.
Danielle M
Incredible experience Our appointment this past weekend couldn't have gone better! From the front office staff, to the ultrasound tech and everything in between. We were so happy and satisfied! I would recommend Baby Envision in Brighton any day!!
Makella H
Outstanding! We had a wonderful experience! The girls at the office were very professional and welcoming! We enjoyed seeing our baby and the technician was very nice! Clean and professional environment! I have already recommended this place to family and friends and will be coming back for any more future babies! Great prices and great people! Thank you for the wonderful experience!
Kellie S
Awesome experience The ultrasound tech at the Okemos location was awesome! Made me feel comfortable. Tried different techniques to make baby move into a good position for pictures. Even though baby was stubborn, the lady kept on trying until my time was up. They also give you the option to have a redo if your baby isn't cooperating. This is a nice affordable way to get great 3D/4D pictures of your baby. The receptionist at the front desk at this location was also very nice and helpful. I would recommend this place to others and if I ever have another baby, I would come back. :)
Christy M
Excellent!!! Very excellent service. No wait time. Even got in early. Very polite. Baby cooperated n got good pics. Very pleased w everything. A+++
Danielle L
Great Experience Starting from the easy way to make an appointment to the friendly staff, clean office and great room with equipment! I would come back over and over again.
Emily R
Great experience! Very friendly, great experience! I would recommend to a friend:)
Christa V
Great experience! This is my 4th time using baby envision to find out the gender. The technician did an excellent job taking her time with us! Thanks again!
Danielle F
So much fun! This was our second time at Baby Envision, Brighton, and had another wonderful session. The staff makes you feel comfortable and ooh's and aah's with you as you take a sneak peak at your growing little one. The office itself is clean, relaxing and lends itself to a peaceful experience overall. Great job! :-)
Caitlan T
Absolutely beautiful They are very polite, did a wounderful job explaining everything and help saved money couldn't have asked for a better time
Lindsey J
Highly recommended! The sonographer was so nice and friendly. At our first appointment the baby was in a difficult position so after a few minutes of trying they offered me a refund or to come back a few days later. I’m so happy we decided to come back we got 33 different pictures of her!
Charnay J
Very Satisfied! Awesome pics of the baby even though she was covered by everything !
Vanessa R
I like this place! They made me feel very welcomed everyone was polite and friendly. I will be returning later in my pregnancy!
Sareta H
Nice experience I was very happy with my experience yesterday. There were toys in the waiting room and ultrasound room which kept my sons entertained. The wait was very short before and after the ultrasound. The staff was very friendly and the ultrasound room was very comfortable! Thank you!
Jennifer K
Great experience Really nice people and a great experience. Got to see in far more detail what our baby girl will look like. Would highly recommend!
Mandi P
Very Satisfied I had a great experience. I went in for a 4D ultrasound and baby didn't cooperate so had to reschedule. Went back and baby finally cooperated and brought home so many pictures on the disk plus the full video. I love coming here and seeing our baby! Very comfortable and friendly.
asha w
Loved it!!! Review of Troy The staff from the front desk to the tech were so nice! My baby wouldn't cooperate however the tech was patient even gave me juice and we were able to finally get the shots that I was looking for!!!! I'm scheduling my next one!
Monica H
Reveal Very satisfied with visit, I love the DVD that came with the service
Kimberly T
Absolutely amazing!! I have used baby envision Troy for 2 of my 3 pregnancies. I HIGHLY recommend them to any woman looking to receive an elective ultrasound. They are kind and caring and they make you feel right at home. I have gone twice for this pregnancy so far and am sure I'll be seeing them again before I have my son. Thank you baby envision Troy. You have made every single experience an amazing one.
Kate D
Great experience WE had the most amazing experience!!! It was above what we expected. The receptionist and the ulrasound tech were both very sweet. The tech took her time and sent us home with great pictures. We will definitely recommend and come back!
Very friendly & professional! We had a great experience here. The staff was very friendly. Very comfortable and enjoyable. Would recommend to anyone!
Catherine C
Perfect! Very wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone!!
Danielle L
Excellence Starting from the staff to the room and to the equipment. There is not a negative thing I can say about it. Speechless!! Amazing, thank you Baby Envision of Troy!
Brittany G
Great We had a great experience! Thank you
Stephanie T
Peaceful, comfortable environment Was very happy with the services we received at Baby Envision. It was a very comfortable environment. We received our ultrasound in a very peaceful room with a nice bed for me to lay in. Plenty of space for other family and friends if they accompany you and very accommodating for bringing kids along (although we didn't bring our current 2 along with us). Would definitely recommend to others.
Denise F
Just as advertised! Very impressed with place of business and with comfy/coziness of ultrasound suite. I was made to feel very comfortable through out the entire process. 4D photos turned out great and were printed exceptionally!
Kathryn A
Early Gender 4d at 15 weeks We brought the whole family! Such a great experience. SO excited to find out we are having 4 boys!
Krystal G
beautiful place I loved it all. My DVD didn't work. Waiting for someone to call back so I can get a working one.
Mais H
❤️ It was perfect ,thanks for everything
Katie A
Awesome experience!! We had a wonderful experience at Baby Envision! We were able to see our sweet baby boy and share the experience with grandparents, aunts, and cousins!
Cari G
Great experience It was the best!! Everyone was extremely nice and kind I will definitely be going back..
Jessica R
Great experience! Jen was wonderful!! She was patient and made sure we were happy😊
Nicole M
Great experience I won a free DNA blood test and sneak peek ultrasound. Everyone I came in contact with was extremely friendly and personable. We got some great pics of our little girl and even a DVD to remember the experience. I'll recommend the Brighton office to everyone wanting this service .
Lindsey S
So worth the money 💕 Review of Okemos Sonographer Everyone one was great...will be doing again in September with my sister.
Tiffany Woodard
Excellent We were more than pleased with our service. Our only oopsie was our name being spelled wrong. No worries it happens everywhere hehe. Thank you for such wonderful service we would never choose another place with such wonderful workers.
Ashley W
Very sweet. I really liked how fast everything went and I really enjoyed the peaceful environment.
jamie a
Baby 3d/4d early gender reveal
Jordyn D
Amazing Experience!! I would highly recommend Baby Envision to everyone!! It was an amazing and relaxing experience. My husband and I brought our parents so they can see our little peanut. The atmosphere was calming and comfortable. They were able to determine gender at 15w 2d. We also opted to get a heartbeat animal, which I already cannot stop playing. It is the perfect keepsake.
Samantha J
Beautiful experience Getting a 4D Ultrasound of my baby girl and being able to see her was the most precious part of my pregnancy so far. The staff at the troy location was very nice. I had to reschedule because she was stubborn the first time and everything was handled without any issues. I would definitely recommend baby envision to anyone! Thank you for the beautiful experience!
Deonza K
Very nice experience I really enjoyed my experience at this office. All of the staff were very friendly and accommodating. I have already recommended this place to friends and family.
Erin T
Great Experience! The ladies at the Romeo location were great! Very organized and worked with us and our stubborn little girl to get the pictures we wanted. They were very professional and kind. We will be back in the future for sure!
Jasmyne R
Great awesome I love the atmosphere and the ultrasound tech. Wonderful place the employees are filled with joy And happy vibes . They work with you to get all the best shots of your experience ever I highly recommended them and thank you guys again . team Romeo campus.
Jennifer B
Great Sonographer, fun and very comfortable environment The sonographer was very knowledgeable and friendly. She explained what everything was and what we were looking at. The environment was peaceful and very comfortable! The sonographer also made the experience a lot of fun for us! Thanks so much!
Amber H
Amazing experience It was so worth the money! The pictures came out nice, but the black and white pictures could have been of better quality.
Ari Cross
Great Experience! I really enjoyed my experience at Baby Envision. I got great photos of my baby and enjoyed the atmosphere! I got to bring lots of friends and family and I'm really grateful for all of the great photos I got.
Timeeka H
Awesome experience Atmosphere was nice,,staff was friendly and helpful. Loved the pictures and videos. Would highly recommend to everyone
Erin H
Such an awesome experience! We got to see our daughter's face for the first time yesterday at Baby Envision and it was an amazing experience. I loved being able to have my mom and sisters there with my husband and I, and the room they did the ultrasound in was beautiful and comfortable with lots of space for everyone to sit and get comfortable. They totally took the clinical/sterile feel out of getting our ultrasound and made it into a very special moment for our family. Thank you so much!
Jennifer B
Anatomy Scan Review of Troy Very nice and friendly staff. I wish the ultrasound tech would have explained what she was looking at during the ultrasound. When I asked she did explain, I would just rather a brief explanation of what was on the screen. Other than that she was amazing.
Rhonda F
Wonderful place My husband and I had a amazing experience. We were very pleased the staff is a amazing and we would recommend anywho to go there.
Tara B
Early 4D Gender This is the 4th time my husband and I have come to Baby Envision. We absolutely love it. Extremely friendly staff, clean and relaxing enviroment. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!!
Brittany G
Baby Girl I highly recommend this place.The price is so well worth it in the end. Am a first time mom and we absolutely loved our pictures. They took their time with the baby cause she was being the end am a happy person with their services.
Kelsea M
Amazing Experience Love baby envision and want to tell everyone about it! Had an amazing experience while I was there. My ultra sound technician did such an amazing job finding the gender and keeping it a secret until we had our gender reveal party. I will be going here again in the future.
Riona B
Amazing Baby Envision was everything that I thought it would be. The staff was extremely nice. They made sure we were satisfied with the ultrasound and the package that we picked. This is my first pregnancy and needless to say I will be back for the future ones as well. The picture and video was very clear and I'm only 17 weeks.
John B
Best Photography Experience Ever! We were expecting a great experience and the people at Baby Envision did not disappoint. It was overwhelming and wonderful! The Ultrasound at the doctor is for diagnosing. The experience at Baby Envision was an event! Clean, calm, welcoming and really cool to see our lovely child moving around, making faces, trying to bite her toe, so moving and so memorable! We are thinking of round 2, it was just that perfect. And, there is great coffee for your very short wait (like 2 minutes). If you are on the fence about this, get on the phone and get setup, you will not regret this. Thank you everyone who helped us, you are now a part of our lives!
Lindsy C
Baby #5 It so amazing to see u little person in 4d. The ultrasound tech was awesome. She got my little guy to move his hand from his face which he does every ultrasound. Lol.
Kristina S
Excellent Experience My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Baby Envision. The young lady who did our ultrasound was exceptional. She had us laughing and made us very comfortable the entire time. From the moment I walked in the door I was warmly greeted and felt totally comfortable. I would recommend this to anyone and would definitely do it again!
Roberta B
Fantastic Our experience was great. It was everything we had hoped for. Thank you so much.
Jennifer H
Fantastic! Review of Troy I went in for a 4D ultrasound at 25 weeks. The best experience I've ever had. Loved the atmosphere, the attention to detail and the package details (DVD and heart beat animal.) I will definitely come again, if able, and they will definitely get my referral.
Brittney C
Fantastic! This was our first time going to an elective ultrasound, and the people were so nice and professional. Had to go back for a second re take, since our little bundle was uncooperative the first time. Love that they tried to get her moving before giving us the option to come back. Of course we took it, after getting a glimpse we had to try again. Highly recommend they were simply fantastic!
Ginelle M
Good experience We were pleased with the overall experience. Scheduling was easy, the staff were professional and nice, and the location was clean. We were happy to see the ultrasound was visible on a big TV, not just the ultrasound machine. The appointment was very quick (maybe 20 minutes) but we really enjoyed it. Only negative was that our baby was hiding its face and we were offered to come back at another date to try again-but if we got worse images the next time, the current images would no longer be availble. Otherwise a lovely experience and I would recommend this service to others.
Great We drove over 40miles to the Troy location. We were greeted nicely by the receptionist then taken back to the room for our ultrasound. The bed was big and comfy they had a bunch of seating and even toys for children. Overall great experience
Teresa H
Great Great Experience! Got great shots of our baby girl at 31 weeks!
Charmaine A
great experience i had a great time during my appointment. it was fun to see all of my baby's features and who she could look like when she is born.
Kimberly M
Great experience Heather was wonderful and so helpful. We will be referring all of our friends and family to you guys. It was a great experience. We wish we could chat with Heather everyday, she was so professional and nice.
Sherry D
Great experience This was an amazing experience. I'm a first time mom and I was so excited to be able to do something like this. The staff was very friendly and professional my baby moved around a lot but the sonogropher knew what to do, she was able to get awesome pics of the baby while also interacting with my family and I. My mother and two Sisters came along and we all thought it was a great experience and a great place. I'll definitely be back for the next baby and I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for this type of service. I was seen at the Brighton location.
Melissa M
Great Experience! I have gone here twice now, once for the early gender reveal and again at 29 weeks to get good pictures of my son's face. (He looked a lil alien like the first time because it was so early). I had a great experience both times, the staff is very friendly and I love that family members can come to see it too. Would definately recommend them to anyone who wants a 3D/4D ultrasound experience.
Heather P
Great Experience! Very friendly staff and all around great experience, I'd love to go back again farther in my pregnancy!
Nina H
Great job Thank you so much!
Johnette M
I highly recommend Baby envision I was 32 weeks when I went to get my 4D ultrasound. I loved the quality and the pictures we got. Baby was the only one being a little difficult at first but in the end I got some great pictures and a good video! Thank You baby envision
Tey'Ariana M
My baby girl I'm so happy that chose baby envision. They were great very friendly and I was super happy and excited to find out I was having a baby girl!
Halima C
visit it was an awesome and warm experience... this survey has some code that looks misplaced next to the word "rating" perhaps its only for mobile devices?
Anastasia S
Wonderful Experience! Great customer service, comfortable space, and the tech did an awesome job! I was very happy with my experience.
Katie P
***** I loved it! I had an amazing experience getting my ultrasound, as did my husband. This was a great chance for us to bond with our daughter before her birth. The friendly staff and excellent quality of the photos really made this a wonderful and special experience for us. Thank you Baby Envision!
Marissa W
5 stars! What a great experience we had! The ultrasound tech was so nice and we loved our time watching our lil man! Thanks again and definitely will recommend you guys!
Melissa B
Amazing! Loved them
Robin D
Great experience My husband and I had a wonderful experience at baby envision! The tech was so nice and explained everything so well and was able to tell us the gender right away! If we plan to have more children I will definitely go back and have it done again!
Eden B
4d ultrasound My baby didn't cooperate but we get to go back for a retake. Staff was nice and helpful! Office was clean and comfy!
Ashley D
Amazing experience, great staff! Review of Troy Pregnancy brain got the best of me and I accidentally showed up on the wrong day. We live an hour away from the Troy location, so the ultrasound tech was able to squeeze us in despite the mix up. We were very appreciative and the pictures of our baby turned out amazing!
Crystal H
great experience 29 week 3d/4d scan went well. Our sweet baby girl was not cooperating, as she had both feet and both hands in front of her face th entire time!! The sonographer did go the extra mile to try to get baby to move and we appreciate that! She ended up getting a few good images and we were happy with that,as we understand completely that there are factors that can limit good images! But again..the sonographer was very nice and really made every effort to try to get some good pictures!This is not our first time at Baby Envision, every scan has been a good experience and has been fun for my husband and I to see our little sweetheart!
Chantell D
Awesome! Was a great experience. Would definitely recommend!
Stephanie W
Early gender reveal ultrasound Was great :)
Nicole R
Amazing Experience We visited the Okemos location and it was amazing. The office was warm and inviting. The receptionist answered any and all questions we had regarding add-ons. Once in the room, the sonographer was patient and very informative. She told us everything that was going to happen. Once we got to the gender portion, she had everyone guess what it was prior to telling us and that was fun and engaging. She explained parts of the body, head, arm, leg, foot, when they were being viewed. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to ANYONE.
Kate F
Great Experience My husband and I loved Envision and would definitely recommend it to a friend! The staff is friendly, the office is clean, and the ultrasound technologist talked us through what we were seeing and correctly identified our little girl! We also love that Envision offers a free "sneak peak" to follow up and do another sonogram to double check those gender bits. So happy with the quality and the pricing!
Love this place! I have been here a few times combined with both my pregnancies and I have had an amazing experience everytime!
Jessica F
Very happy! The whole experience was awesome! Our girl was being stubborn and kept her hands in front of her face, but the tech was still able to get pictures! Our family was so excited to see our little one! Staff was super friendly and we were in to our appointment on time! We will definitely come back if we end up having more children.
Jennifer W
Excellent job I was researching a place for a full 3d/4d ultrasound package. Came across this place and they had a great special going at the time. My husband and I both enjoyed seeing our little bundle moving around. The staff was very nice and polite. Highly recommend
Victoria Churilla
Mostly satisfied Over all my husband and I were satisfied but we were a little disappointed that we didn't get to pick which 4D pictures we wanted printed out. They kinda just picked 4 that they wanted to. Would've been nice to choose ourselves, specially because we picked the highest paying package they offer. But other than that, friendly staff. Cozy, comfy place. I already recommended it to another pregnant friend of mine.
Amber D
Incredibly Special Moment The staff at Baby Envision was very friendly throughout our visit. Our ultrasound tech was so nice and personable. She even suggested different positions for my to lie in order to get our little stinker to move his hands from in front of his face. She took greats photos of our little boy! It was such a special moment for my husband and I and one that we will certainly cherish forever. Our keepsakes from our visit are amazing! Not only did we receive three prints of our little guy, they sent us home with a cd of 67 images of him AND a 20 minute dvd of the whole ultrasound! I would highly recommend Baby Envision and their services to anyone looking to get a sneak peek of their little one in utero. It's amazing how far technology has come!!
Kandyce G
Satisfied! I absolutely loved the service I recieved during my ultrasound yesterday! The staff was courteous and very friendly and the office is very nice and relaxing. I would recommend baby envision to all expectant moms!
Shae B
3D ultrasound! I was so pleased with my visit. The ultrasound tech was really nice and super patient with my stubborn baby that didn't want to put her hands down.
Kayla Y
Great experience Easy to schedule and they took me back a few minutes before my scheduled appointment time. Friendly staff and overall great experience! Image quality turned out great as well!
Satisfied Awesome experience! The tech took her time and sanpped many pictures. The room is very comfortable and spacious. After finishing the tech went back to look for hair by my request. Only complaint is that the dvd only works on some players and we can't figure out why.
Wonderful My experience was wonderful, this is my first child and they made sure to make this first experience memorable! Staff was excellent as well!
Brittany C
Awesome experience! I was nervous about having an early gender reveal done after finding out we were having twins, but our tech has twins herself and took her time determining both the sexes! It was the most comfortable maternity appointment I ever had! I would definitely recommend them to others for a great experience! We can't wait to meet our precious boys this summer!
Alyssa M
Great! We absolutely love the care and compassion at baby envision! We have been there 3 times now and have had great experiences every time!
Tinashe C
Thank you! I am happy I came to baby envision. The staff was really nice and I got a great deal! I had an awesome experience.
Valerie G
Diagnostic Ultrasound The staff at Baby Envision were friendly and welcoming. The office lost my midwife's request form which she had sent. That caused extra work for the midwife and me. The setting of the ultrasound was very peaceful.
Rechelle S
Positive experience Everyone was nice, friendly and professional! Did a early gender 2d at 15 weeks and they were correct!
Alexis W
Excellent I really enjoyed my appointment and will definitely be back with future pregnancies!
Nickell y
Very professional Very nice employees and great pictures thanks
Megan S
Awesome I felt very comfortable and relaxed. All the staff were very friendly and helpful! The tech took her time in showing us the our sons face and the parts we wanted to see.
Natash G
2D Gender Ultrasound Our experience with baby envision was absolutely wonderful. The staff members were very friendly and made us feel very at home while getting to see our little girl for the first time together. ❤ We are hoping to make it out to okemos for one last visit before she makes her arival. Would recommend baby envision to anyone looking to get a more personal experience seeing their little one!
Rachael D
3D/4D ultrasound I was extremely pleased as my child likes to hide her face but the lady had me turn on my side and was able to get pictures of her sweet face! Everything went smooth and my appointment was right on time!
My Experience Review of Brighton Sonographer She was amazing!! Took her time and was very sweet! Extremely happy with my experience!
Heidi M
Fantastic 💕 Review of Okemos Sonographer Nicest person ever!!!! May be back later in pregnancy
Great I enjoyed getting the 3d/4d ultrasound. Everything was nice and comfortable.
Maggie L
Totally Worth It! My husband and I wanted to do something special to find out the gender and this was an awesome experience! The entire experience was special from beginning to end. The tech was great and walked us through every movement and reception welcomed us so warmly! Highly recommend for those who want to find out the gender early and want to do it in a special way!
Brandy K
Amazing! Everything was perfect. Staff was super friendly and the facility was very clean! Would definitely rate a five star. We also found out we're having a baby boy!
Christina V
CV Review You guys did great! Tech was very knowledgeable and fun. Embraced the special moment with us when we found out the gender of our sweet baby. Thanks for the experience!
Jessica S
Awesome!! The technician was very professional and the experience was amazing! The quality of the ultrasounds are unbelievably clear and perfect!! Can't wait to go back!
Jody R
Baby Envision Okemos I loved everything, the only thing I would change is being able to hear the heart beat on my cd. That was important to me and I didn't get it from my doctor or your office.
Oriel B
Great Loved it, love my baby pictures!
Lisa P
Great experience The ultrasound tech was so patient with our baby and took the extra time to make sure we were going to leave with a great picture!
Amazing experience Very comfortable and the staff was awesome! Accommodating to all my needs, and the picture quality is very good as well!
Jennifer S
Early gender reveal My husband and I really enjoyed our visit at baby envision. The staff was very friendly during our visit. I would highly recommend baby envision to friends and family.
Stephanie D
Love this place! They did such an amazing, thorough job and we were so pleased with the services offered.
Jessica J
Worth the Experience This was done in a very nice setting, with helpful staff. It was amazing to see our babies face and features. The only complaint was we had an appointment set and did not start our actual 3D/4D ultrasound until 15 minutes past our appointment time even though as requested we arrived 15 minutes prior to our scheduled appointment. Waiting a half an hour was a bit much with little ones in tow, but I would do it again if asked.
Allyson C
Gender Reveal experience Thank you for giving us one of the most special days of our lives :) Great experience.
Juli W
Highly recommended! Great atmosphere! Friendly staff! Amazing experience.
Taryn Z
Amazing Experience This is our 4th time using Baby Envision with 2 pregnancies and we have always been taken care of wonderfully. Great staff, great office and the experience is like no other.
Krystal A
Magical We had such a wonderful experience! Not only was it a very comfortable and relaxing place but it was very family friendly. We have been dying to see our little Olivia and we finally got to!! I will definitely recommend anyone to go here!!
Taylor L
Great Experience! We are pregnant with our third baby and our two kiddos wanted to see their new baby brother/sister (we're keeping the gender a surprise)! We all had a great experience! The staff was super friendly and their office is kid friendly which was SO nice! They had a little play kitchen for my kids to play with while we waited and even when we went back in the room to get the ultrasound they had a little toy chest for my kids to play with which was so nice because the Ultrasound takes about 15 minutes or so, so while my kids were tuned in for a bit they do get a bit antsy and it was nice for them to be able to play! The ultrasound tech was super sweet! Overall just a great experience!!!
Jennifer L
Amazing!!!! Such a nice and friendly place. Would recommend them to everyone. So relaxing and just the best experience. Very pleased with everything they did.
Laurene S
Wonderful Experience Staff was great and made the experience very comfortable.
Alicia K
Wonderful Service From the moment we walked through the door, we were greeted with excellent service. The ladies were very courteous & pleasant. The atmosphere was very serene & welcoming. Our ultrasound was top-notch & an amazing experience!
Winter Special Our experience was excellent! Our kids played while we had a great ultrasound and we're able to find out the gender at 20 weeks no problem! Our sonographer was so kind and got some great shots, even though our baby was very active! This was it third time here and each time has been great.
Jamie F
Great experience! We had a really great experience at Baby Envision. They moved around their schedule to get us in early. The lady I talked to to schedule was so nice. The room was so cozy with the bed and the couches and the fireplace and the warm jelly was so nice! The technician was also very nice. Overall, a really great experience.
Shelby B
Great Job! All the staff were very friendly and welcoming. It was absolutely amazing to see my baby. Even though he was tucked away and hiding she was able to get him to turn around and show his face, would definitely recommend this place!
Jacqueline P
Amazing I loved going here. The lady who conducted my ultrasound was amazing and so nice to me. Thank you for the great service :)
Stacy G
Winter special This was a great experience, especially for first time parents. I purchased the winter special and was completely satisfied with the video and pictures.
Luise H
Worth it! I selected the winter special packet and was really happy with it. The staff is really nice and so is the atmosphere. While they do the ultra sound they play calming music wich i really liked. They also offered me to come back and re take the pictures if I would not have liked them. It was a nice experience. I would recomment not go there before the 30st week of pregnancy. Just because the picture will be more clear at that week!
Cassie L
Amazing I LOVE this place. I really have no idea how there are bad reviews. When I first got there I was greeted nicely and my appt was at 6:05 I was seen at 6:13 and to me it was not a big deal whatsoever but the woman doing my ultrasound apologized for the wait and I assured her it was no wait at all. The setting was very calming as there was a huge bed to be comfy and even couches for family. There was a nice big screen so I could see my baby perfectly. At first my baby was covering his face and she had me turn to the side to get a better viewing. She was very patient and absolutely nice and wonderful. After we were finished she asked if I wanted to come back for retakes or if I wanted to keep the photos she'd taken. Over all I had a pleasant experience
Jessica C
Amazing Experience Baby wouldnt cooperate the first time, they let me come back for free and try again and she was all smiles. The tech was so sweet also. Definitely recommend!
Miesha W
Gender Reveal The staff at Baby Envision is very professional and patient. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I would certainly recommend Baby Envision to any mother to be
Chelsea H
SO great! We were antsy to learn the gender of our baby, and visited the Okemos location. The receptionist and ultrasound tech were very nice and professional. We got our answer and a DVD to relive the experience. Thumbs up all around.
Kristine G
Wonderful experience! This is my seventh child, and the staff at Baby Envision made it just as exciting as my first! The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, the technician was so friendly and sweet, and she made every effort to get the best pictures possible during my session. I will recommend this experience to everyone!!!
Amanda C
Gender reveal at 15 weeks, 4 days They had no problem finding out the sex of our baby and i am 15 weeks, 4 days! The experience was awesome and well worth the money! Especially since my docs office wont give me an ultrasound until 18-20 weeks! I couldn't eait any longer lol. I cant say enough good things about baby envision!
Destiny C
You don't get what you pay for I paid the $105 because I wanted a 3D and 4D ultrasound, but I should have just paid the $60 for 2D because that's pretty much what we got.
Jillian S
So Comfortable I had such a great experience with baby envision! They were so kind and made sure that my partner and myself were super comfortable during our visit. The atmosphere is so homey. I will forsure be returning towards the end of my pregnancy for 4D pictures of my baby boy!
Melissa B
It's aBoy! Our main reason for our visit was to find out the gender of baby #2. We were successful at that but then baby didn't cooperate for any decent face photos. The technician,Jessica, was awesome and even put up with my whole crazy family in the room. Wish we would have gotten better pictures but glad we found out the gender. * We visited for our first child also.
Maria Fernanda Padilla
nice service the staff is really nice, you feel like at home
Emily W
Amazing! Everything about our visit was amazing. From the receptionist to the tech. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was very peaceful. Our little one was extra stubborn, and the tech took the extra time with us, so we wouldn't have to leave without knowing the gender. Great experience all around.
Abby H
Great experience for the whole family! My whole family joined my Husband and I at our appointment to find out the gender of our baby. The staff made everyone feel welcome and comfortable and they were very nice! We were happy to find out we are expecting a little boy! Thank you "Baby Envision"!
Suzy G
Such an amazing experience! Review of Troy We were on the fence about doing a 3d/4d ultrasound, but we're so happy we did! Our ultrasound tech was great and we got beautiful photos of our little guy. I've been recommending Baby Envision to everyone!
Tayler M
A must see experience! I am so happy I experienced such a cool ultrasound. The tech was friendly, and kind. I felt like I was their only patient! Went for the early gender 4d scan and we have a baby boy :) ! Also got a heartbeat animal which he will forever have as a keepsake! Thank you Baby Envision for an amazing experience!
Ashley P
Amazing I went for an early gender ultrasound and everything came out great. The tech was very nice and was able to find the gender even though my babies legs were crossed!
Excellent! We had a great experience at Baby Envision for an early gender reveal. The receptionist and ultrasound technician were both very friendly. At first she couldn't tell what the baby's gender was but allowed me to drink some juice and move around to get him moving so we could see! We loved the experience!
Christela Falcon
4D ultrasound The first day I went my daughter was not ready to reveal herself. They kindly scheduled me to come in again and try once more to capture images of her. It was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommended Baby Envision. My son, husband, and mother-in-law enjoyed the experience as well.
Nicole R
Perfect experience Can&#39;t recommend this enough!! Wish I had done it with my first two babies. Unlike any cold hospital experience I&#39;ve had before. Beautiful room. Toy box for my kids to play with in it as well as sofas for our family. The tech was kind and revealed two twin boys to us. Amazing!!!! I left with a DVD of the entire ultrasound and lots of photos. The price is ridiculously reasonable as well!! :)
Orjana G
Perfect Everything was perfect, so comfortable and so clean. The staff was amazing, my ultrasound tech was the best, she was extremely sweet and great at her job. Thank you so much Baby Envision.
Rachel W
Awesome I had a great expereince and would use them again.
Ashley H
Gender Scan The lady who did our gender scan did a wonderful job! She saw it was a boy right away at 15 weeks!
Jessica R
Best Ultrasound Ever & Very special First ultrasound that we felt 100% comfortable and "at home" we brought our 5 kids with us and the room was not only plenty big enough but there are 2 huge screens so they could view easily on other side with Dad without disturbing the tech. This was very special and intimate for our whole family. Also the first time I was able to bring my children without feeling strange. I was welcomed byfront desk receptionist and although an emotional mess because we couldn't find the back entrance (gp issue) and we were almost late. The entire staff was very kind and made us feel comfortable. Well worth the money!! Soft lullaby music was even played during ultrasound which just made it even more special (an emotional for me) we were able to see the baby's gender with ease, and the sonographer was very sweet. Will definitely recommend to all my friends and family members. We visited the Baby Envision in Brighton.
Emily R
Awesome! I set up an appointment for a basic 2d gender reveal package but changed my mind last minute and they were able to accommodate us. Very happy with our experience!
Amanda H
Gender ultrasound The rooms are nice and the people are friendly. I had a wonderful experience
Rebecca K
Outstanding experience My ultrasound Tec. Was friendly, personable and outgoing. I recommend bringing extra cash for their heart beat bears( around $30). I recommend this place!
Brian Green
Always a Pleasure. Had a second great exspierence, the little one was being stubborn but the sonagrapher did everything she could to get the best quality images!
Gabriel M
Amazing! The experience my husband abs i had here was amazing! The people were incredibly nice! The rooms were beautiful and calming and so comfortable! Almost made you sad the rooms not in your house! The experience and quality of video and pictures was just wonderful and ifi could sit there for hours and watch that screen i would! Not to mention, most importantly, the package prices they offer are EXTREMELY reasonable for the quality of product abs experience! And don't forget to check out the Heartbeat Animals!!!!!! :) ♡
Amanda H
Awesome experience!!!! The staff at the clinic was very warm and made me feel extremely comfortable and would defiantly recommend this place to friends and family!!
Rachel W
excellent Review of Okemos Sonographer Our sonographer was wonderful. And it was by far the most gentle and enjoyable ultrasound I have ever experienced. Thanks for welcoming in my family, as well. It made it a much more special experience to know our other children were welcome in the room.
Chelsie D
Great Awesome experience! Got to see the gender at exactly 16 weeks!
Megan N
Great experience The office was very clean, the staff was polite and very prompt, and the ultrasound tech made the experience very enjoyable! Would definitely recommend
Dustina O
Happy we chose to do this! We are very happy with our results and glad we did this. Thank you so much. We have received many compliments on our pictures.
Beatriz E
ultra sound I loved being able to see her in action. Great experience:)
Nicole Watts
Very pleased Review of Brighton Sonographer My husband and I went to the Brighton location when I was 18 weeks. We were very pleased with the service we got from walking in the door. The place was clean and the lady at the front desk was very helpful as well as the sonographer. After 2 girls we are very pleased to hear that we are expecting a boy come this April. I plan on giving a gift certificate to my best friend who is also expecting. We are planning on coming back in the near future for another look of our little guy.
Alicia G
Wonderful I would recommend this place to anybody and everybody who needs an ultrasound. Even if your insurance pays for it somewhere else- the comfort and kindness this place offers is worth much more than what it costs out of pocket to go here! It has a very homey, family kind of vibe. I'm so glad we chose Baby Envision for our diagnostic scan. You don't get treated well like that at a hospital. Amazing.
Andrea R
Wonderful facility Wonderful facility, friendly staff, beautiful decor, flexible scheduling.
Anna Boyer Review of Okemos Sonographer

Stepped in to a very inviting and friendly environment. Excited at 17 weeks, found out we're having a baby GIRL. Staff made the experience very enjoyable. Can't wait to go back at 30 weeks!
Stepped in to a very inviting and friendly environment. Excited at 17 weeks, found out we're having a baby GIRL. Staff made the experience very enjoyable. Can't wait to go back at 30 weeks!
Stephanie B My husband, mother, sister, and I went for a 16 week early gender ultrasound. It was a very relaxing and warm environment. The staff were wonderful and the package options were great also. So worth the money to find out what we were having before Christmas so we could all start shopping for baby!!! The tech was really great and took the time to show us everything and explain what we were seeing. LOVED THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE! Thank you so much!!!!
Kelly F

I went in to find out the gender of our baby at week 16 and was so excited to be able to tell right away. It's our first amd it's a boy! Just what we wanted. The best part for me tho was to see my baby moving and in all angles without having any worries of being at a hospital- it was just viewing pleasure for us and helped me connect to my little man! Just what I needed! Everyone was very friendly and on time. Thanks!
Susan Colon Amazing Time -
My husband and I were very pleased with our experience at Baby Envision. They were very clean and had plenty of room. I have already passed out some of their cards.
LaNae Bartotti

The team at Baby Envision was amazing! The experience was amazing!! I was 15 weeks and 1 day and was sure they wouldn't be able to see the gender. The u/s tech found it right away and there was no question our sweet angel is a GIRL! We are beyond excited!!! Thank you Brighton team!
Chana C

Warm and clean. Great staff and tech. The tech was amazing. We had a gender check at 16 weeks as our Christmas present. Our baby man didn't cooperate very well for pictures, but he did show who he was! We also got a bear with a recording of his heartbeat.
Melanie O

I went in for the early gender reveal package at 15 weeks 5 days and she was able to get the gender with no problem, we have two boys already and now expecting a little baby girl. The staff was very friendly and the ultrasound room was so nice and roomy! I reccomend this place to everyone who's expecting :)
Jennifer B Wonderful comfy rooms. Very friendly staff. Would tell anyone looking for a good place for the 4d to check them put. Great prices.